London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

Established in 2008, we aim to develop a deeper understanding of economic, political and socio-economic influences on the development of governance frameworks, at the global, national and sectoral levels. We are also interested in how those frameworks are interpreted and applied by organisations, along with the result. This holistic approach requires cooperation between academics from various disciplines. We actively involve practicioners in our research as well.

We are a small, dynamic group, working with other individuals and organisations, where research interests coincide. Given the global footprint of  much of modern enterprise, our approach is necessarily international; and our vision includes the organic development of a global network of governance researchers and practicioners.

The LCCGE research programme is guided by three main principles:

  • Contribute to the development of innovative governance policy
  • Engage with practitioners & academics in an expanding global network
  • Disseminate research and findings widely and in accessible form